We come from a long line of mistakes that we have made in our lifetime.

Very few of us are capable of letting those things go and moving forward towards wiser mistakes.

Yet, some of us can’t seem to let go.

It could be the guilt, the shame, maybe we like feeling bad about ourselves.

Our past haunts us to a point that it can destroy us.

If we don’t learn from them, the play in our minds relentlessly without end.

We question every single moment of that day. We list all the possible things we could’ve done differently.

And for a while we continuously blame ourselves without truly understanding why.

We need to let things go. I’ve learned that confronting the past at 1:30 in the morning seems to do the trick for me.

It may be different for you. Just learn from your experiences, become stronger because of it.

Here’s to an interesting week!



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