Tuesday Night.

I suppose that technically it’s Wednesday, yet for me it still feels very much like a Tuesday.

Under the humid night sky I find myself thinking of moments in my life I should’ve done differently.

I should’ve taken bigger risks, I should’ve made different choices. I sometimes find myself thinking of the different outcome I could’ve had if I had done things differently.

although I do snap back into reality when I realize the life I have now, i have because of the choices I’ve made. to have regrets is idiotic of me since i made those choices.

Learning to let go is one if the harder things we try to learn and do. It’s never easy letting go of what you’ve held on to for far too long. what happens when you do let things go and nothing works out? What happens if everything falls into place?

Well, I know what happens when I hold onto things for too long.

Now I want to know what it’s like letting them go. seeing them float away while I sit here staring at them disappear into the horizon. Maybe i wont have to see such heavy past for a while. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Then, finally… I’d be able to say I’m free of it all.


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