To the Clouds I Go.

The wheels turn with such ferosity as I stick my head outside the window loudly screaming at the gentle yet slow driving old man. Is it a crime, you ask? perhaps yes, but to me in this moment of excitement, after completing 14 long hours of labor… my soul aches for peace, my body begs for rest, my eyes can no longer keep themselves open.

Yet, this old man stands in my path to slumber amongst the clouds. I shall not have such wonderful dreams be taken from me by this sweet demon like old man.

I know he knows what I want and as I try to change lanes he changes as well. I see your cruel game, but why punish me with such evil. why not grant me the peace I so desire.

Well my gentle nemesis, you must not know my origins and with out such crucial information you have written your own demise. for you see gentle enemy of mine, I am from queens,

and if you dont move that old ass motherfucking car out my way, this homie will lose his shit! so Grandpa move that decaying rusty ass bucket you call a car so I can get some daaaammmmnnn sleep. I gots work in the morning!

He moves towards his exit and the roads are now clear. Well played my nemesis. Well played. I can only smile at the gentle old man and as I see him exit, our cars meet side by side and I grin at him. He smiles back and with all the force he can muster, proceeds to flip me off.

My battle with my new nemesis has just begun, but for now… I slumber up in the clouds, next to the sun, plotting my next move against my deadliest foe yet.


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