Home will be Home.

I’ve been alive for a good amount of years now. I’m old enough to have seen how things changed during the years.

I was there when the dial tone of AOL would screech so loud that I made a face every time I would log into the internet. Then I would smile when I heard “Welcome, You’ve got mail.” I didn’t know who the mail was from, but I enjoyed hearing it.

I was there when The first Android device was born, the good old G1 device. I loved that phone. I was there when the iPhone was first announced.

I was there when Nextel was what the cool kids were having. Fuck, I was even there when the beeper was lit. (My one and only time I will be using that word in my life.)

I was there for many events through out history starting from the 90’s.

Hard to believe that it’s now history.

It’s even harder to believe how fast things are evolving.

The thing that doesn’t seem to change all that much is the place from where you came from.

Sure you’ll notice some new stores and updated tech, but when you look into the town you grew up in. When you look at the streets you walked everyday to get to school. When you re-visit the places where you would get into trouble, or ate that good ass pollo con arroz. The places where you had your first kiss to the places where you got robbed.

You’ll realize that nothing has really changed. The sky may feel new, but the buildings will always be the same. In a way, it’s comforting.

No matter where in the world I go, Home will always be there and always be the same.


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