I have to say that I usually enjoy vlogging from time to time.

Actually I even gave myself a challenge to post a video every single day for an entire year! I made it to month number 6… I think. I’m not entirely sure if I should be proud of that. I feel like I could’ve made it to number 12.

Life became busy and so I stopped. Although I shouldn’t be using that as an excuse and despite the number of videos I’ve manage to put out, some being wonderful while others I would question… I fear it was a disappointment that I didn’t pull through to the end.

So now I bring back these videos (three times a week). For the next year. Maybe I wont be weak this time. Maybe I’ll be stronger. Maybe I’ll have no fear in trying to be better at what I enjoy doing. Maybe I’ll have a voice again.

Here’s what life has been like recently. Little clips of our lives. Enjoy, more stories to come!



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