Next Stop, To the top.

Watch me, to the top I go.

To the place I couldn’t get to,

fear that stop me, couldn’t let it go,

For fucks sake, took me 20 something years,

To understand my place,

blinded I was, couldn’t see,

def I was, couldn’t hear.

This car to life, I couldn’t steer,

Couldn’t fucknig scream “HEY I’M HERE”


Took every wrong turn, God knows why,

I don’t.

A nightmare it was, All was nearly lost, nearly had to say goodbye to that what I admire most… hope.

But I endured, I hit rock bottom, multiple times.

I had too many chances you’d think I stole them, lock me up for this crime.

Could I really call life, mine?

Giant tower that sees all, tell me what my future holds.

Tell me all my unknowns.

Is it victorious or haunted by past ghosts.

Giant tower don’t leave me hanging for an answer.

Don’t make me search for this treasure.

Don’t make me call you a monster.

Don’t let me be a bystander.

Tell me Giant Tower, what does my future HOLD!

I drown in this ocean with only the tip of my nose afloat.

Though I’ll try be patient but it runs thin.

Test after test I no longer see my soul, is this my punishment, my sin?

Do you no longer see me, do you not see what’s within?

Answer me tower.

Just one word, will make my world full once again.

Just one word and I’ll learn to live again.





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