Dear Monday,

I used to consider you my enemy.

I cursed your name as the destroyer of fun, the killer of calm, the bringer of hell.

The taker of time.

Something happens as one gets older. They begin to see things differently. I have my regrets and one of my bigger ones is my treatment in you.

I was blinded and convince to hate you, but never did I truly ask myself why? You didn’t do anything to harm me.

I took my chances in gaining a higher education and felt annoyed having to continuously go back each week. I stayed at that job I despised so much because money is king that rules us all by putting a stop in living our lives because with out “it” we cannot survive and living without it is beyond our understanding because we have not mastered what it truly means to be human and have a human heart. We are animals with a paycheck and You, Monday, would be the blame because we hated going back to an office that could give two shits about us and would replace us without skipping a beat. You would be blamed for ruining our fun, our weekends.

I was wrong.

Monday, I see now that you brought us new hope each week. You made us start our week by whispering, “This one will be different. The power is in your hands.” but did we listen? No. We blamed you for taking hope away.

Yet you did not leave us, nor ignore us. Each week you would come back with the same message, with the same attitude. You wanted to see us succeed, you wanted us to shine, to expand our ideas, to be witness to new days filled with possibility of creations born of our minds, dreams turned into reality.

You never left us.

Today I ask for forgiveness.

I can only hope that one day… you will.


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