Dear, Dream Land

I don’t know where dreamland is anymore. It comes and goes whenever it wants.

I can be having lunch and my body freezes with the fucking spoon in my mouth and my mind and soul are transported to the most exotic places not yet discovered in this world.

It happens when I wait for the train and the lights begin to shine brighter than usual, the people around me freeze in time and I see angels come through the light and demons rise from the darkest parts of the station.

It happens I ride the LIRR and I look outside my window and watch as the sky turns dark and is filled with stars and as the train turns I see Earth in the distance slowly getting smaller.

It comes when I least expected it to and never when I need it to.

Dreamland I hope you become my reality in the stories I write. I hope You’re there when I press record and when I piece it all together in the edit room.

I know I’ve been out of focus and my way of reaching you has become unexpected, but I ask that you give me the time I need as I am catching up to you.

When I do, I’ll See you whenever I please and travel through the stars without interruption.

I’ll be in my reality as my reality becomes fantasy.

Dreamland I’ll see you soon. I promise.


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