Midnight post pt. 2

I remember my very first sunset in the park was when I had just moved with my family to long island.


I wanted to stay in queens.

I had everything there. I had my two random friends and a several people who wanted to kick my ass all the time. How could I give up something like that.

When we officially moved I was upset, I cried, That’s right I fucking cried, come at me bro.

I left the house, I took the car, I couldn’t even drive and I went straight on the main road until the road merged with the Parks roads. I saw a parking lot and pulled in and left the car there.

In the distance I could see the sun begin to set on the horizon.

I found myself instantly walking towards the ocean. There was a hole on the gate and I went through it to discover a small beach. The wind was strong and the waves were rough but I my eyes could not leave the sun.

The orange sky was magnificently beautiful and my eyes could not stop tearing.

In that moment I was brought back to my old street. I saw my old neighborhood, the stores I would hang out in. The two friends I would talk with a lot. I saw the black gum filled concrete and the old Latino man whispering social, social, social while the other guy would whisper, girls, girls, girls.

I saw the old red 7 train passing by, crowded as always. I heard the Salsa and Merengue music play loudly.

The Colombian pastry’s heavenly aroma filled the air.

I was home.

But, as the sun began to set I would see each item disappear in the darkness.

This was my last chance to say goodbye.

And so I did.

Goodbye to a home that made me… me.

Goodbye to the streets that had no mercy on me.

Goodbye to the music that started my days,

To the people that always knew what to say,

To the places that had the best food,

To those who treated me, like me, the people that were good.

The final rays of sunlight hit my face.

I was happy.

My hear felt happy.

I had the chance to see my home one more time.

There’s this myth that I hear a lot inside my head. It states that in our life time we will have just a few truly happy moments.

Moments in which our hearts smile.

It smiles so big that you become an entirely different person. It changes you completely.

And I will always remember my first truly happy moment.




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