Midnight Post.

I’ll tell you about this dream that I have a lot.

It starts in the park under these massive cloud formations that resemble another world.

Looking into the sky I can almost see people walking along the edge observing our world in awe.

I wave at them and they wave back. They always point towards the ocean and I nod in agreement of how beautiful it is.

I give the a big thumbs up as they slap their faces in annoyance to my lack of understanding.

One sunset we find ourselves looking at a particularly gorgeous sun. It’s orange glow illuminated the sky in such a way that I thought I was looking at a painting.

In the distance I see a straight ray of light hit the shore. It resembled a path way that led to the sky.

I then realized what the cloud people were pointing to. I look at them and I point to the ocean.

Smiles fill their faces as though they had just won the lottery.

I immediately get up and run towards the ocean. I can hear my foot steps get lighter as i jump from the hill to the sand.

I press my feet firmly against the ground as I bolt towards the shoreline. I had no doubts in my heart. I knew I would not fall through the water. My heart beats faster and I put all my power in my final leap.

It felt as though I was flying. I was coming down from the air. There’s no doubt now. My feet land hard on the water. I don’t go through.

The beam of sunlight shines strong and I’m standing tall on the ocean.

I laugh in excitement and run forward.

Here I come cloud city. Here I come to see your magnificent world.

I’ve done all I can on earth’s ground.

Let me see what I can accomplish in the skies.

Show me what it truly means to be free.


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