In the Horizon.

I stay here.

Looking into the distance of the unexpected beauty that is my unforeseen future.

I look towards the horizon with pure imagination of what may await for me beyond what I can see.

Is it perhaps my destiny that awaits for me?

Can it be my life calling to me, saying it’s time to rise to the occasion?

Or is it telling that I’ll never be able to stand up from this point. I’ve made it this far, any further can possibly destroy what I’ve built.

Maybe life is telling me I’m too scared to make it out there.

Only the strong survive they say and life sees me and immediately knows I won’t.

Maybe this is all in my head.

Maybe I meant to enjoy this moment in my life as what it truly is.

Looking into the horizon with no fear, just admiration.

Taking this brief moment of my life and letting be lost in such beauty.

I know what awaits for me out there.

I’m ready to face it, but for now…

I just want to be lost in this very moment.



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