Time Machine

There’s a myth out there that speaks of a magical machine powered by three rare keys. With each key the bearer of this machine was capable of defying all kinds of logic. Though it’s most impressive attribute was that of time.

With the switch of a button this machine can take you anywhere in the past and anywhere in the future. Humanity did the only thing it could.


The government began changing the outcomes of everything, of political choices, wars, money… greed.

The world had fallen to chaos. Wars continued to break out and the government would simply go back in time and change it, but it would never be enough for every time something changed, the outcome became much worse. They didn’t care. why would they. In this world, They were Gods.

Fortunately they could not figure out how to move forward in time. Believe me they were desperately trying to find answers.

Knowing this, a group of fighters device a plan. They would immerse themselves in enemy lines, gain information on the machine and although they could not figure out how to go forward, they did find a way to disable the machine.

with the machine down, they went after the government to shut them down.

The battle was ruthless, casualties coming from both sides.

It was a war between those corrupted by time and those who were trying to save it.

The world came to an end because of it. Civilization eradicated. Those who were left understood what this machine was.

But after it had been disabled and most of the plans destroyed during Prime War, the few left in this world decided to bury this machine of destruction and scatter its keys through out the land.  Through out the years, civilization began to grow again and where the machine was buried,  a forest had grown. The year now is 2030.

I want to find those keys. I want to see this machine for myself.


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