The Storm

The day of the storm felt as though the world was ending. The clouds were pitch black. The lighting illuminated the skies as thunder echoed through our ears.

The rain covered poured through out the city as though someone was emptying out a bucket.

I could barely see the buildings.

As soon as I arrived at my station and the doors opened the people who were also getting off, ran as though they were headed to war. I ran right behind them and as I look towards the sky I can see the outlines of the stormy clouds. The lighting was flashing chaotically. As I run towards the stairs lighting strikes a few miles from me and the thunder that followed it sounded like bombs exploding.

The streets filled up with water, but that point I no longer cared that I would get wet. It was inevitable.

I had finally reached the staircase. I don’t know why, but I was compelled to stop, but I immediately stopped. it wasn’t fear. I could’ve sworn something was calling out my name. I looked up towards the black skies and as the skies lit up, the clouds took shape of a face. I was hypnotized by its gaze. All my belongings at this point were soaked. It did not matter to me.

I said hello.

It responded back.


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