Once a upon a Time.

Writing a different story every single day has become the biggest challenge I’ve come to face so far in my creative career. Most stories I enjoy.

There are some stories that I question and wonder what the fuck I was thinking about when I wrote it and said… “This makes total sense to me.”

I will say that this has made me more appreciative of all writers out there and it has solidify what I’ve always known about myself.

I love Stories.

There’s something magical about them. It’s power lets you see all kinds of different worlds.

It transports you to the most amazing places you can think of.

It’ll make you cry, laugh, feel anger and it’ll allow you to find your peace.

Stories make us human. It spreads the ideas we hold with in. Both good and bad. it creates a beautiful balance when our lives are chaotic.

Such power in our hands.

If only we could always use it for good.


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