What a week. Last week took nearly everything away from me.

Mentally I am exhausted and I’m beginning to see the cracks become bigger.

My soul is on the edge of madness and my strength is so low that I can barely lift myself up.

Can this be a rock bottom for me. I’ve had so many that I’m beginning to question absolutely everything about the choices I’ve made.

I keep trying to climb out of this hole. It seems to get deeper with each push I give.

That was a lot I had in my chest.

Listen, last week for me was intense. it was crazy, it was madness it was tearing me apart (get it?)

This week is already looking crazy and all.

But I will tell you all this…

With the little energy I have I will push through.

I will make the difference I need to make.

I will take the leaps I need to take.

I will be free of it all, the weight I carry on my shoulders. It’s getting heavier each day and for once, I will put it down.

I am missing too much to let this be my downfall.

Thanks for reading and you can bet your ass I’m coming back tomorrow with another post.


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