Through the window I see people flying in the sky.

I see them be lost in the clouds.

They laugh and experience life in such a way that is only seen in the greatest fantasies of those who dream with open eyes.

I look inside the train I’m currently in and I see the sad faces of those who have given up all hope. Working just to barely live has taken its toll on these poor souls.


My hope has not left me. It continues to burn with such magnitude. It pumps through my veins, and sweats through my skin as I put all work and forget about play. I am a man on a mission.

To fly amongst these Gods that have seen the final gate.

They have been through it all and have reached a higher level of understanding that no other can reach in their life time.

My stop is coming soon. I can feel it.

For too long I have endure this long ride into purgatory and at last through my efforts The stop to my ascension has finally come.

I will finally fly.

I will Finally FLY.



The train doesn’t stop.

Such cruelty…



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