I currently work in an office for a company that shall remain a secret (follow me on Instagram *wink*). I look out at my breathtaking view (it’s a printed picture of Time Square in the morning that I took), and get lost in its beauty.

Then all of a sudden a massive gust of wind sweeps Times Square forcing people to grab on to anything as they try to avoid being thrown into buildings. The wind is followed by a massive loud sound that we could not process, people far enough would say it sounded like an animal in pain.

I hid underneath my desk looking through my phone for any news on what’s happening.

Nothing. No hint of CNN going live, no tweet or instagram post. No musicaly post about it, nothing. I heard windows shatter and buildings crack. I heard people scream and car alarms go berserk, I felt the blood in my ears.

I felt the hair on my skin stand. My heart rate off the charts.

I peek out to have a look at the chaos, but everything is fine.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you mean, why are guys so calm.”

“Why are you underneath the table?”

I was still shaking. What DID just happen?

I nodded, told everyone I was fine and sat back down. I looked at the image again, It was back to normal.

I smiled. I could’ve sworn that the people in the image were moving.

Come to think of it, I wasn’t even at the office today.

I woke up still in the train. I looked out the window, everything seems normal. it was just a dream.


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