Imagine sitting in the middle of the sand. The waves clashing softly against your feet.

The wind gracefully giving life to all the green around you.

The world tries to slam on your door, but today you’re simply not having it.

Today you are away from it all.

Your body hurt, soul crushed, Your mind on the brink of madness.

You turn off the world because as strong as you are… you’re still, only human.

I’ve learned that the soul can only take so much… believe me, I’ve taken my soul to the deepest parts of hell and seen darkness in its purest form. it’s tempting, damaging and even now it’s a struggle.

I’ve crawled out of it and the damage is severe… yet there’s hope for recovery. The road to it is the easiest part.

We live in a cruel world, yet it is filled with possibility.

It is filled with people who care for it.

we just need to be louder.


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