Little Mysteries.

I find it exciting when I stumble across places of the unknown.

Rooms forgotten by people and conquered by time.

Buildings that no longer belong to the current world.

Forgotten gems of discovery that reminds us of how brutal time can be.

Yet, it can create some beautiful mysteries that we are not used to seeing.

I find peace in such places.

No one would dare to look for me in an old building.

I have it all just for me.

My bat-cave, my fortress of solitude, my escape of reality.

It’s all fun and game until you hear the window on the top floor of this place open.

Who the hell is here?

I should remind you that these kinds of places are freaky as hell sometimes.

The footsteps are getting louder. It almost feels as though it knows where I currently am.

Mysteries are a beautiful thing in this world.

The door is starting to slam!

And even though they are unknown to us, its quite a journey in discovering what it all means.

The wood is starting to crack on this door, FUCK, I’m fucked.

And that is why we travel in our lives. It’s why we snap every picture we can possible snap.

So the memories can be with us an eternity.

IT BROKE THROUGH, I’m hiding behind this rusty old couch. it growls as though it’s threaten by something. I can hear it sniff the area.

So go out and find the mysteries of the world. Tell all the stories of your discovery and inspire others to be just as free as you.

It’s in front of the couch. I can feel its breath run through my hair. It’s growl getting louder. I think it knows I’m here. I’m making a run for it. If I’m fast enough I’ll be able to get to the window and jump on the near by tree.

Deep breaths, Deep breaths, I can do this

I can do this.


The monster is as tall as a bear, though not as fat. it’s more lean, build to hunt. I can feel my legs push against the ground as hard as possible.

The monster makes eye contact with me, surprised. It did not expect to see me.

It takes a few steps back in shock and then it’s filled with rage.

I’m so close to the window. The monster is getting ready to pounce on me. Two steps away.

I hear it roar. Its so loud, it nearly causes me to lose my footing, but I’m more determined than scared and believe me I am terrified.

I see it jump and I immediately jump myself. The glass shatters before me some of the pieces stabbing into my arms but I manage to catch the tree branch and I turn to see the monster in the air making it’s way towards me.

I made it to the window, I can be proud of that.

I make my peace with life and stare into the monsters eyes.

So remember to go out and travel into the unknown. You’ll never know what you may find.


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