I Can Almost See them.

Currently everything in my life feels as though I’m almost there.

I can almost taste the finish line yet multiple items get in the damn way and the finish line gets further and further away.

The other day I was taking a photo of the night sky and I’m staring into the stars.

It was beautiful. Free. unreachable.

Despite of the stars true meaning in the sky, I can’t help but be inspired by them.

I know I will never reach them.

So letting myself be bothered by these obstacles in my way to the finish line of this journey of being a storyteller is completely foolish.

Overcoming these obstacles should be a simple task.

Reaching the stars, at least for now, is impossible.

Standing underneath the massive space in the sky makes all my problems obsolete.

One thing about travel is that it makes you feel small. It’s why you appreciate the lessons you learn in each journey.

If ever you feel as though you’re almost at the finish line… well get ready to be disappointed and then get ready for one insane adventure to it all.

Just a little reminder to myself and hopefully to any one out there reading this.


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