Past, Future, Present.

I wonder how many times I’ve taken the same train? I should’ve counted. Maybe I had a world record hidden in there.

Maybe there was a prize waiting for me.

I can hear the rolling wheels of the train as it approaches. Today it didn’t fuck me over. Today it came with a smile.

Well shit. Miracles do happen.

The doors open and a bright light of heaven beams towards me. Such a warm light. As soon as my eyes adjust I can see that the train is completely empty with the AC on.

Miracle number 2.

I took some poetic pictures, and then sit. I chose to sit in the corner. I would have the best view of the empty train, but my smile started to slowly disappear.

I started seeing ghosts of my past fill up the rest of the available seats. Mistakes I’ve done and that will come.

These mistakes felt different.

See my past mistakes were a result of my ignorance but these mistakes that are coming are made with purpose.

As though I’m learning.


Damn you MTA.

Now I have to live up to these mistakes.


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