Something New.

There was nothing different about today.

It all felt the same.

The same train taking it’s sweet time arriving at the station. Sometimes I feel like they see me there waiting and they talk among themselves plotting how to continuously fuck me. Damn you MTA.

The same people ride the same train heading to the same destinations.

Occasionally someone will take a different route and I think to myself “good for her. Something different waits for her”

But the same people get off at the same station I get off. I’m recognizing the faces to a point that we all nod as though we’ve known each other for years.

Sometimes I feel as though we do…

The streets are filled with the same food carts and the same people buying from the food carts.

I walk past them smelling the delightful smell of the food they serve. That’s something I don’t mind.

I hear the same jokes being told and the same amount of laughter to the joke.

This would happen everyday.

I envied them. To be entertained by the same actions day after day and still be happy.

How simple life can be for them…

and how complicated I make mine.

Although today does feel different.

There’s an old buggy on the side walk. It doesn’t belong here yet, I’m happy that it is there.

Finally something different.

Something new.


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