A long time ago

I’ve been spending the majority of my days and nights in a train. Some days are earlier than usual, while some nights last longer than I want.

I’ve been tired.

lack of sleep.

lack of energy.

lack of any motivation.

My work has been incredibly demanding that I had to put aside a part of me that I enjoy very much in order to keep things at work and at home balanced. I’ve learned that sometimes in order to keep balance, it means putting yourself in the way of harm, though it doesn’t mean you’ll stay there forever. You’ll bounce back and be in tip top shape mentally and physically.

I’m currently in the getting back to it.

Fuck it’s a pain in the ass. Eating healthy and working out. I truly respect those who make it look easy and at the same time hate how much you flaunt it(It’s because I’m a little jealous of the God-like physics that people who workout get).

I tell myself that I’ll get there and fill myself up with incredible amounts of positive energy and then I walk past a mirror and realize that life is hopeless.

This past few weeks have been insane in work and out and took the time away that I couldn’t even do the few things that keeps me at peace. To write. To create.

Though it shouldn’t be my excuse. NOT. AT. ALL.


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