Let go.

Close your eyes to the upcoming sunset.

Think of all that’s stopped you from being free.

Think of the fears that can’t seem to let you go.

Think of the excuses that are first to stand up and have your back.


Think of the dreams that are being held hostage by the excuses that are so willing to have your back.

Listen to the lies that flow out your mouth like a waterfall with no end.

You think the lies help you but they’re fucking destroying you.

You think you’re helping yourself by staying safe, but the world is about to crush you.

You think you’re changing lives, but they could give a fuck about you.

Look at you. You have nothing figured out.

You think the past will help you, but the past is long gone, It has already done its job, it has already changed you, but you have forgotten to move forward. You have forgotten how to learn. You have forgotten that there’s a future ahead.

Let go.

Open your eyes to the sunset before you.

Let go of it all.

The past should no longer haunt you.

Fears should be something to conquer.


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