The Unseen.

“I can almost see it.

Silence fills the air.

No turmoil ran through the concrete we step on.

No confusion of who we are… What we are here to do.

I can almost see it.

It’s blurry still but I know what it is.

I feel it corsing through my blood.

There is no doubt in my mind to what it is.

It’s change.

We exist to change this world.


We’re losing this battle to those who wish to see it burn.

My sight isnt clear yet…

for those who are chosen are beginning to find their own power.

Through intelligence,

through the use of words and actions.

Through kindness for this world has forgotten what it means to help a fellow human in need.

Through love, for violence is king and love will be the power who ends it.

We are change in this world.

We are the cure to madness,

The cure to this plague that consumes the minds of those around us.

We are the savior’s to our own humanity.

Yet we walk with blind eyes.

Follow leaders who mean harm.

Let corruption spread like a desease.

I can almost see it.

We’re so close.

We’re almost at the end and as much as I want it to be a moment of peace.

When the skies clear, the world will see.

They will see what hell is truly like.

They will see what despair truly is.

They will understand what it means to suffer

They will know what others have already endure.

And those who survive will be the ones who save us, for they will understand suffering and compassion.

They will have conquered corruption.

They will stand against violence and greet their enemies with a smile, For violence won’t be the answer.”

-The Stranger.


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