Missed ya.

You have no idea what it was like without you.

To find the purest of compositions and capturing with technology that people scream is advance but the quality speaks for itself and it simply does not connect.

It does not feel right, it does not feel complete.

The click of the shutter, such a sound that I missed, the ‘ding’ through the small speaker, the bright red REC appears,

such a sight that makes me hear the voice of angels telling me stories of better times.

I’ve missed the battery warning and the rush of capturing the last important images before it all goes dark.

I’ve missed yelling action, even if it’s inside my head, and even to myself. The word with me behind camera felt powerful, scratch that, it felt important,

As though I had the mic in front of thousands, even if my dog’s eyes stare up at me with confusion as I direct him to be a dog and do dog things. “Actors” I smiled, telling myself as my talented actor dog stood up on his for legs and walked away with a diva attitude.

I’ve missed focusing on a single eye to large landscapes.

I’ve missed you, old friend.

I am glad to have you back.


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