There I was.

Looking into the colors surrounding me.

I was in heaven.

I was a God.

I created anything my mind so desired.

I flew into the sky and swam into the deepest parts of the ocean.

I floated in space, had dinner on Mars, took a nap on the moon.

I went sunbathing near the sun and skiing on one of Saturn’s moons.

I was happy.

I was perfect.

Then I woke up.

I was no one,

Just a man sitting on a bench, waiting for the train while cleaning up my drooling spit from a nap I took due to exhaustion.

I guess I missed the lesson when they tell us how fucking insane life would be.

The guy next to me looks like he was carved by the Gods themselves. There’s quite an attractive woman standing in front of us. She barely noticed me. Then again The drooling spit coming down my mouth doesn’t sound sexy at all.

This must be one of life’s funny little jokes. I should probably be annoyed, but I’m laughing out loud. I must look insane.

Good one, life.

Good one.


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