Underneath New York.

I will admit, there’s something quite beautiful about being a New Yorker.

Most people hear that obvious things, that we’re conceited, egotistical idiots who believe to know absolutely everything about everything… You wouldn’t be wrong. I’ve encountered people who have those traits and when it comes to my God of War knowledge, I tend to be the same as well.

But clearly not all New Yorkers are like this. There’s different sides to New York. There is the side that’s fantasized by Hollywood, to which isn’t too far from what’s actually like to be here.

There’s the classic ignorant New Yorker who talks with an awkward accent of Italian mixed with Irish.

There’s the New Yorker who is elegant, intelligent, rich, who have kids that are the complete opposite way with money.

There’s the side of New York that’s Russian, another side that’s Chinese, another that’s Mexico, there’s colombia, Italy, India… fuck, there’s even an community of underground possums that hang out in the sewers.

When it comes to diversity, we seem to beat out all other states (at least to my knowledge). Although having all this diversity doesn’t help much when the people keep to themselves and when someone like me walks into a Russian super market, it’s as though I took a wrong turn and I’ve stumbled upon a secret meeting of some sort. It even happens when I enter a Colombian market. The eyes of “he don’t belong here” beam straight into my face with such force that it knocks me down. I have to earn their trust.

That’s what New York is like.

It’s a city of people who mistrust each other. It’s a city where talking to people in the LIRR is awkward and more than five people in a discussion can break the ice.

It’s a city where I still feel like the odd one out despite how diverse we’re supposed to be.

I look at this magnificent city from the distance everyday. I think about how beautiful it is and how wonderful the locations are.

I think of how fuck up some neighborhoods can be and how people can sometimes be cruel.

And I think about how amazing people of this city can be.

I’m a New Yorker. I’ve been one my entire life. But my life wasn’t the standard New York Life that one is used to seeing on TV or films. I lived in a New York where I was an outcast until 2014. When being a Latino wasn’t such a weird thing. I kept my head down through moments of being racially insulted, assualted, judged by my background and never seen as more than someone who does the job no one else cares to do.

I’ve changed my appearance, my attitude to fit in with those around me just to be noticed and rejected so hard you would find my self esteem burning in the core of the Earth.

I’m a New Yorker like many others out there at this moment.


All we’re trying to do is make a difference.

All we’re trying to do is survive.


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