Immovable object

I take one step after each failure.

“One step forward” I would tell myself.

Bloodied, beaten, arms weak, legs like water, strength fleeting.

I’ve failed again.

And once more I take a step.

“One step forward.” I said again.

This time I’m triumphant.

I’ve conquered this part of my soul.

And not few days after do I find myself failing once more.

Falling to the bottoms of the Earth, ready to crash like a falling meteor, I whisper,

“One step forward.”

And from the clouds of smoke, the crater left from my broken body, my broken soul, do I step into the light of daylight.

I’ve failed again.

This is the never ending battle.

My life against failure.

Even though I conquer it, failure finds its way to break me down.

But with each loss comes a stronger victory.

With each self destruction rises a stronger mind.

With each climb towards victory, comes an immovable object.

And the day I will truly win,

Will be when me and failure live alongside each other, accepting that I need it as much as it needs me.


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