End of the week.

Finally, the end of the week. I stand on the platform looking towards the lights coming in through the tunnel.

I get to go home. I get to relax.

But then it dawns on me that there’s more I need to do. After a week of work it doesn’t feel as though I’ve had the chance to live.

Sure theres job security and a weekly check, and I’m grateful for it.

But if I’m to be honest,

It’s draining me creatively.


Oh well.

I’ll get the chance to take a break and relax eventually,

But right now my camera and me are headed out on some crazy adventure in an overly crowded train.

Where the man next to me is pressing his armpit straight into my cheeks.

His apologetic about it. I understand.

I think this is a bonding moment for us.

But it’s the end of the week. Here’s a chance to do something I only see in my dreams. Here’s a chance to feel free for a few days.


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