Warning signs.

There are signs in life that will tell you,

it’s time for a change.

Sometimes the signs smack you straight in the face with MAXIMUM force.

Sometimes the signs are shot from space aimed directly at your face while you look straight into the incoming meteor sign of changing your life and all you do is put up a stupid looking smile on your face and don’t really notice this Massive nuclear sign that is right in front of you.

People scream signs into your ears and with that same stupid smile, you nod as though you understand the situation.

You don’t.

You continue doing the same things, living in this bubble you created yourself because it has been protecting you from what you thought was wrong.

In reality, you were protecting yourself from the things that will aid you in your journey, not harm you.

All these massive signs that present themselves but you keep moving past them.

What an idiot.

What an unbelievable dumb stupid person you have been.

But then something happens. Something unexpected.

Perhaps a gift from God, maybe the universe is looking your way,

Maybe Cthulhu is feeling generous.

But you break free. You snap back into reality.

And it’s in that moment that you realize that the biggest sign of all is one you cannot ignore.

You can’t look away

It makes you sad.

It makes you happy as well.

You see it’s the look of someone you care about.

When they stare into your eyes with concern, with sadness.

That’s the one that wakes you up. That’s the one that makes you feel like you’ve failed.

And with a little bit of work,

It’ll be the one that changes you.


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