Mr. Snowman, bring me a dream.

Let me tell you something magical about a snowy day.

It looks pretty.

That is it.

There is nothing else special about a snowy day.

It makes me late to absolutely everything and although it provides a sweet picture

It simply makes me feel tired with thoughts of me going back to bed and sleeping until winter is over.

Although, when I was a kid with no adult responsibilities.

A snowy day was the best kind of day.

I would jump into the snow, build snowman’s, throw snowballs at my brothers face and then I would go back into the apartment my family used to live in,

I would get all warmed up and play my Super Nintendo with my brother.

Those were simpler times.

Another magical attribute that many of us don’t seem to want to acknowledge is that,

Snowy days are nostalgic days for us old people (late 20’s).

At least for me.

I look at a snowy day and I remember those great memories.

And I wonder why my life now feels so busy?

Why don’t I get to have snowy days now?


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