I Have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m doing at times. I grab my camera and think to myself, this looks good *Click* goes the shutter.

Back in the editing room, I look at that same image I took earlier. The same image I thought was Pulitzer worthy.

“what the hell is this?” I would say out loud to my little collection of Funko pops. Sometimes I think they can hear me. It freaks me out.

I take a long look at that image. Why did I find it so interesting?

Why did I even capture it?

And after tweaking it, zooming in and out, color grading it to a point of no return… nothing works.

I put it aside.

Maybe it’ll draw inspiration in future days.

Just like the image above. This was an image I had no idea why I took.

And now that I look at it, I can’t stop thinking about it.

That’s how funny life is sometimes.

Step aside and start something new. Whenever you feel stuck, return to the past.

Sometimes you’ll find an answer there.


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