The Long Wait.

Wish I could let go of all those past memories that sometimes haunt me.

Wish I didn’t have to recall the details of each mistake I’ve ever made.

Wish I wasn’t the one waiting on this track for some sort of miracle to happen.

Maybe the next train will arrive with empty chairs and I’ll have a second chance at filling them up with new mistakes.

Mistakes not done out of stupidity but mistakes done from the practice of my craft.

I should have set white balance properly.

I should have used a 24mm instead of a 50.

Maybe this train will have seats for new failures.

Failures not done by my ignorance, but failures that come from learning something new that I can’t yet comprehend.

But I will.

I see the lights in the distance.

The train is coming.

I know it’ll be full. It always is.

I’ll push through to get inside.

I’ll Probably clean up the place. Let each one of the things that slow me down go.

Let the train take the express track and never expect it to come back.

I think this time I’ll take the local train.


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