I wonder if he still looks at her in the same way he did when they were younger. That’s assuming that they were together that long.

Maybe it’s just a date.

Maybe it’s date night.

Maybe their reliving old days by getting lost in the city.

Maybe that’s how they met.

One day, long ago, two very different people new to New York were figuring out how the damn subway system works (after being here 25 years, I’m still figuring it out.)

Maybe, as their eyes are glued to the map, her finger on the red line, his on the blue,

Maybe their fingers meet on 42 ST. They look into each others eyes and a world is…


And maybe that day was the last day they’d ever feel lost.

That must be what they’re doing. They must be walking down memory lane remembering all the adventures they’ve shared.

Or maybe they’re just friends.

To be honest, I like the other story better.


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