Childhood dreams.

From a distance it seems quite funny when a child is riding one of these.

You pop in the quarter and off they go. Their tiny faces smiling,

they were on top of the world. Nothing could stop them.

Reminds me of a time when my imagination was young.

I remember my when parents would be doing laundry, they had one of these on the outside. I would hop on in there, pop the quarter myself and then there was lift of.

I was going higher and higher the buildings underneath me getting smaller, the sky bluer and the clouds became my road.

The sun guiding the way and the stars singing.

The air felt fresher.

I was flying.

My rocket was this ocean blue with white stripes.

I called her the ‘Mighty lady’.

She took me all over the world and straight into space. She let me see the sun up close and I had the chance to walk on Pluto when it was still cool.

I still dream about those adventures. Some of the best I’ve ever had.


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