Through the window, a ray of sunlight hits my face.

My alarm clock brings the chaos of sound into my delightful dreams.

I have to wake up.

I have to look up.

My eyes tired,

My soul restless,

My body aches,

I have to get up.

The routine feels the same.

Grab any clothes that are clean, slightly comb my hair to look somewhat presentable,

I know all the rules of this game.

I grab my keys start the ignition arrive on time,

This 9 to 5 is to blame.

It should be wrong to spend my life staring at a screen.

Should be criminal to have my view be a white wall, knowing that another miserable person sits in the cubicle in front of me.

I should be daring, but I stand up

blame life and say “don’t you DARE.”

Release my shackles let me be free of this damn chair.

Let me stand on this station.

Let me go to the airport

To where I’ll fly is the mystery but most definitely let the air be my destination.

Let me wait for this train.

Let me be free by day and free by night.

Let me be me.


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