There I was, dreaming of dreaming again.

Standing in the subway looking straight into the eyes of another woman.

she got super creeped out and walked away.

I wasn’t looking at her.

I was looking at the ocean.

Half the subway station was the most beautiful beach my mind can imagine.

The wind felt so good, that I could feel my hair dance with the wind.

That’s odd.

The ocean hits the edge of the station, I hear the splashes, some of the water hits my face.

That’s strange.

I walk towards the sand.

My feet sink.

That’s really strange.

I look back and the others waiting for the train stare at me as though I just did something insane.

Can they see the beach?

It felt warm. I did not need my jacket anymore.

I can hear the train approaching.

It rides the water with grace as it approaches the station.

People continue to stare and walk into the train.

How can they pass up a moment like this?

The weather, the water, the wind.

How can they go on that train and ignore what’s happening around them? I felt sorry for them.

I truly did.


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