Concrete Jungle pt2

Quickly you capture the Instagram pic and then look for the perfect soundtrack for this very moment.

nothing seems to fit.

you let the songs play on until you hear the violin sounds fly. the hip hop beat accompanying the violin piece and then you hear the lyrics.

“As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death”

As the song plays on, time instantly slows down.

Cars trying to break through traffic, taxi drivers flipping the finger to pedestrians while pedestrians mouth “fuck-off.”

People rushing into the train station like a stampede of animals let loose. children screaming, mothers cursing the world, business men smashing their heads against the walls, while office workers walk without purpose. lifeless zombies walking towards their graves.

then the song ended. Time is back to normal.

cars patiently wait in traffic, taxi drivers reluctantly stop for pedestrians, while pedestrians mouth “I’m sorry” or gesture with their hands in gratitude. business men walk tall.

Office workers bring in posters to decorate their cubicle walls.

From a distance this concrete jungle is quite a sight.

Up close, people hide.

even closer, people go mad.


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