The art of the perfect dream.

I’ll show you what it’s like to dream the best of dreams.

The dream that beats all other dreams.

The dream that shits on any other dream.

That’s right. its that good of a dream.

I’m not talking about the dream where you get the girl or fantasize about the cute guy with thirty abs  or win big at the lottery.

Forget the one where you become God or think you can zap lasers through your eyes.

Throw away the dream of world peace, we’re humans, what the fuck is world peace anyway?

Let me take you to a dream where you float up to the sky. You look down into the town you grew up in.

From that high up this town feels safe. There’s this quiet moment infused in your mind and nothing else matters because for this brief moment no words can possibly explain.

No worries, no trouble.

No need of money, no desire of power.

Your crush is there, but who cares.

Nothing else compares to it.

Paradise at its finest.

Such a dream sounds like perfection…

but it’s known as the dream of death.

For those who stay in such a paradise become lost to its powerful magic.

while they smile and giggle,  their faces rot.

While they glare into such beauty, their bodies wither.

While their loved ones scream for them to come back, They only hear the voices of singing angels.

Dreams are magically fun.

Bring them back to reality.

Change the world around you.




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