The New Yorker (Explicit Content)

Every night as I go home I have too hear a bunch of people call themselves “New Yorkers.” They walk past me, a tired late 20’s man who’s getting out of work and not in the mood to deal with people… I work around times square… I can hear God laughing in the distance. Must be funny.

The words ‘New Yorker’ has a fuck ton of definitions but I’ll tell you something right now. None of them explain what they are as much as this lady taking the train home. Those who live in New York know the exact feeling of this lady. Hours working a job just to be barely broke. Double hours just to do the things we like, which we’re still too tired to do. Triple hours to have that good money and not having the fucking chance to spend it. Being a New Yorker isn’t pretty. It’s tiring, somewhat exciting and always FAST. New Yorkers don’t slow down. Hell, they take shits on the go. It’s expensive, its dangerous and we’re always on the edge of being angry or happy.

It’s the city that doesn’t fuck around because one third of them consider this paradise, and will defend it. One third are too tired to take anyone’s shit and one third open their mouths too much and then hide because of it. Those are the New Yorkers who’s mouths are full of shit.

Maybe you’ve had a different experience as a New Yorker. Maybe the world was given to you. It wasn’t given to me. I grew up in a gang infested world, got my ass kicked on a weekly bases, gain the wrong friends and lost the good ones. I was happy I had my family by my side to show me right from wrong in a neighborhood that acted wrong and considered that right. I am a New Yorker. I was raised here. I saw things change for the better and I survived the difficult times. I survived racism, which I still have to defend myself from today. I said the right things and avoided death. I said the wrong things and lost the world with a single breath.

New Yorkers man… We are in our own hell. puppets working and going home. Working with no progress… and yet… We are the ones who will shape our neighborhoods. We are the ones who will bring forth change. We are the ones who will reach success and fail. We are the students and the masters. That’s how magically fucked New York is. One day you find yourself doing nothing with your life and the next? You’re changing it all.


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