Another early morning. This time I wasn’t a victim by the stampede that is Queens folks running towards the 7 train. This time… I took the E train. Which was still a horror story in its own way.

New York is a war zone.

Between the hours of 9-5 (Usual day time job) it is a war zone of neatly dressed people who think they own the side walks. Then, during the weekends, it is a tourist war zone! Where people who have no idea where they’re going, think they own the side walks.

New York never stops.

I’ll tell you a secret. Somewhere along 5-6 in the morning, it’s weirdly quiet. You hear a few car horns in the distance, but the sidewalks are quiet. You can hear the footsteps you take, you can hear yourself breathing. You can even hear the thoughts you’re having, fuck, you can probably hear the thoughts that taxi driver is having… He looks very focused on his crescent with black coffee.

New York takes a nap.

And when it does. You get the chance to see the morning start. It’s kind of nice.


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