Beautiful Madness

I’m not pretty. I mean seriously, you put me next to my dog Thor and I’ll still lose that beauty contest.  I always have to say, “I’m pretty on the inside.”

Many of us wear a mask. We smile on the outside and are lost on the inside. It’s dark. It’s blurry. You want to scream, say anything; but because of that bitch person you hate and for some reason is always around… You can’t say a damn thing. Fragile ego. So you bury it. Why start conflict?

Eventually you dig a whole too deep and there’s nothing else inside you but a dark abyss. You’ve suppressed too much now. And then… Boom. It’s beautiful madness produced by  the torment of sanity.

Don’t suppress any emotions. Let it out. put all your rage in painting, a photograph, a story, let it out in writing and let it out in film. Let it out by bringing your best in a sport. let yourself shine. It makes those who talk too much hide in their own shadows.


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