Once upon a time in the future.

I remember I did not like the life that I was living. I was lost, I was falling with no signs of getting up. Today, I no longer remember what it was that made me make a choice. I just remember the feeling that came from it.

I left my job. I left everything behind. I bought a ticket. The next day I was in an airplane. I was trying to awkwardly put on my seat belt. I was nervous. I thought I had made the most terrible mistake in the world. That first trip changed me. It made me different.

The funny thing about life is, no matter how many times you think you find yourself in each new adventure… You can’t believe that this is it. This is who you’ll be. That’s a fools way of thinking; for the rest of your life you will be trying to find yourself. You’ll make new mistakes, you’ll find that salads taste better than burgers. You’ll learn to hate and then learn to love. You’ll become a teacher and then a student once again.

I’m traveling from adventure to adventure, where that takes me is part of the fun. It’s part of the excitement. Who I share with makes it even more exciting.

and even if at the moment I’m broke as hell… Well that’s still an adventure with a truly surprising twist at the end.


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