Through pure darkness I travel. Little flashes of light sky rocket past me. Millions of lights, millions of stars. Colors I have never seen before. Colors so bright its like a dance of pure bliss.

I’m flying towards this singularity. It’s pulling me towards it. I can’t escape it. Part of me doesn’t want to. Such wondrous colors, such a warm feeling.  I can hear “You’ll never know” by Alexandre Desplat playing in the distance. I’m in heaven.

The singularity is getting closer. My helmet starts beeping. My suit feels heavier. I can’t move. I can’t do anything. It pulls me closer. I see nothing through the singularity. my body begins to stretch into the hole as if someone was playing with their gum. Yet I don’t panic. I don’t worry. I let it take me.

I’m inside. There are so many flashing lights. Voices screaming, talking, I recognized some of them. I feel my body again and with little power to the suit I use the MMU to navigate towards the voices. I hear them getting closer. I feel hopeful again.

I reach what looks like a portal of some sort. its extremely reflective but there’s a small distortion that makes it visible. Life was never meant to be simple. We were made to risk it all… or live in regret. I remember those words from my mentor. I go through. There was a loud screeching sound and flashes to bright to see anything and then I found myself in a house. I recognized it.

“Hello?” I hear in the distance.

it’s my voice.


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