I wish my door would be a teleport gate. Something a lot more sophisticated than this poorly Photoshop image. I would simply input the place and time, the door would have a light run through it, scanner style and after the “ding”… I would be in an entirely different world. I feel as though this should already be possible. It is 2018 after all. but for it’s another dream I cannot forget.

I wake up in my room, surrounded by black. Sound does not exist. I knock against the wall and nothing is heard. I open my mouth and not even the sound of air leaving my lungs is heard. I quickly get up and walk towards the door; and as I open it I can hear the sound of waves. I can hear the wind and I can hear my gasps as I gaze into the impossible.

“It feels real.” I said.

I stepped inside. The sand falls into my sandals, the drops of water hit my face and the wind blows my hair making me feel majestic.

“How is this possible?” I said.

I looked back into my room and saw emptiness. nothing there. just a bed. I look back up and see Lera in the distance, I see Thor running into the water swimming or possibly fishing. I smile. and it felt like I haven’t smiled in a very long time.

I wonder if this was my happy ending. was this the last chapter in book two of my life? the moment where sadness ends and happiness begins? I couldn’t tell you even if I knew. all I did know was the feeling I felt in that moment. The feeling of happiness. The feeling of freedom. The feeling of everything being possible.

When I woke up I had a tears in my eyes. I wiped them off with a smile. Chapter one of book three had started. I took a deep breath because I knew what that meant.

because… as a new journey begins, you know it’ll be filled with adventure, fear, with sadness, and happiness. and that’s the challenge; you fight for what you want to hold on to.


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