If you haven’t noticed yet, it is officially 2018. Through the many minds of the many people out there, I can probably assume that it feels completely the same so far (give it some time, I promise you it’ll slap you in the face sooner than later). I spent it at home with Lera and Thor. Last year we went out, I danced with some gay people while Lera disappeared some where outside the bar.  It was interesting to say the least and an even more interesting start to the year. So this time we decided to stay in.  A lot happens in an year. A lot of things you never expected and some that you did.

2017 was 2017. it was productive and full of surprises. It was full of heartache and full of happy moments. I’m not going to sit down and tell you how amazing 2018 is going to be. I just don’t know. I’m okay with that.  I don’t need to know. I don’t need to know what lesson I’m going to learn, or what people will break my heart or who will bring me back from the dead. I don’t need to know what kind of awards I won’t win or maybe will.  I rather not know my upcoming  accomplishments nor my failures. 2018 will be that year where I’ll get up, do what I love and put it out there, at least I’ll know I’ll be happy doing it.

As you get older you learn to expect less. You begin doing things yourself or with the help of others who are on the same road as you. You create more, you truly learn more about who you are and what you deserve. In your early 20’s to mid 20’s you’re still a child. in your late 20’s you grow up… well hopefully you grow up, because when you do, two things can happen. Your world becomes smaller… or it becomes substantially bigger.

Welcome everyone to my Blog/vlog. Here I talk about life, lessons I’ve learned, places I’ve traveled, Film sets I’ve been on and films I’ve shot. This is my journal, my escape, who I am.  These are my stories.


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