3 AM.

I was standing on the train station platform. I was surrounded by no one. I saw other pedestrians in the distance and I thought to myself why? Was I not welcome to the rest of the platform? was this the only area I was allowed to be on? I tried walking closer but the platform began to extend and the rest of the world would move further and further away from me. I tried running as desperation began to take a hold of me, but the platform grew longer. I was stuck here. I can turn to all directions around me and see all the destinations I can reach but I couldn’t. I was stuck here. What do I do?

Was I destined to accept this fate? Was all that talk about reaching my goals and making moves just air leaving my mouth? I realized then that I wasn’t anything special. I was no one. I was a mere thought that comes and goes. That’s why I’m stuck here. That’s why I’m quiet when I should be loud.

The platform begins to shake. The rumbles are notice by no one else. It seems I’m the only one that feels it, sees it. Maybe it’s death reaching my station. I’m hoping it’s a miracle taking me away, but why would it choose me? The rumbles get stronger, the walls begin to crumble, the people don’t even stumble, and through the tunnel I see something approaching. It’s moving fast, it’s moving with such ferocity… This is it, isn’t it. This is my moment. I’m ready to accept it.

The light gets brighter, the walls become dust, the people don’t see it…

I sit up on my bed. I should feel terrible. I should be filled with fear. I should be sweating.

I’m not.

I’m feeling free.

My mind is silent… at peace.

I smile.

I made it.


Thanks for reading this little short story! Come back Mon Wed and Fri for written work! Tues and Thurs are Video days!


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