Holiday Flu

Sweat running down my skin like a waterfall. Eyes burning with tears. Nose clogged, mouth opened, tissues scattered, body weak. What a weekend of hardcore teas and soups. Celebrating the holidays with DayQuil pills and accidental tea spills. The light drilling through my pupils, and delusion sinking deep into my thoughts as it becomes my best friend because what if Trump isn’t such a bad guy? Maybe another dose will help me stay sane. 

Happy holidays to all! I really mean it. Just because I’m signing my will as I lay in my death bed, it shouldn’t stop the festivities from happening. Fine I may be over dramatizing the situation I just dislike getting the flu, especially the night before Christmas. 

I should probably look at the positive side of the whole thing. Yeah I’ll do that. Come here sweet delicious food. Make my problems disappear, make my soul feel warm. Oh food how I love you so. 

Until tomorrow


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