Wrong turn?

Somewhere along the line of freedom and not freedom lies this world known as mundane. You’re neither trapped, yet you’re not exactly free. You can get out anytime you want, but lack the will to do so. Your schedule is Bible and alarm clock sounds, your music. Everything is the same regardless of time.

 It’s a world you can only get to when you least expect it. And when you realize that you’re there, you’ll either accept it or try to get out; but getting out is the hardest part. Survivers from this world live as though some God in the sky has given them a second chance to make things different. Those who don’t will never be remembered. 

This world is dangerous, yet safe. You live through dreams and die through you’re own reality. You become like the rest. There’s a spark in all of us that make us uniuqe. It’s a light that grows in our heart. It’s the key to being more in this life. The key to true freedom. You just have to know which way to turn… And that’s the impossible choice. 
Until tomorrow 🙂


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